Call for Resonant Voices Fellowship

Journalist, researchers and writers from across European Union and Western Balkans countries are invited to apply for Resonant Voice Fellowship programme.

The rise of the far-right and anti-immigrant sentiment continues to take hold across Europe. Whether violent extremism, terrorism and radicalisation of immigrants are cause or response of the far-right rising?

What are social factors that might make someone radical and violent? Why do average people decide to become terrorists? Is there a standard pattern of the radicalisation process and the model of individual extremist? What are the most common ways how people become exposed to extremist ideologies? What are the root causes of extremism and terrorism? Are they in the EU or outside of the EU? What is the role of propaganda and disinformation? Is the current model of integration suitable? What challenges are we facing with the increased migration?

Individuals or teams of up to three journalists, researchers, and writers are invited and eligible to apply. Fellowships are offered to cover topics related to identity, migration, far right and religious radicalisation and violent extremism of the EU citizens of Western Balkans origin, as well as issues misused or inaccurately presented within radical propaganda. The submitted research and reporting project proposal must refer to these themes.

Ten journalists, researchers, and writers will be chosen through open competition to receive funding and professional support to conduct written piece or in-depth research and investigation into a topic of the EU and regional significance.

Independent jury committee consisted of international media professionals, civil society representatives and Countering Violent Extremism experts will be selecting applications. Chosen applicants will receive from 1000 to 4000 euros bursary depending on the scope of the project and attend three-day workshop. The workshop will gather selected participants with the aim to increase their knowledge by providing training in the areas of disinformation and fact-checking, online radicalisation, data journalism and impact measurement, social media.

Successful applicants will be mentored by BIRN editors in order to benefit from their practical experience, as well as through on-the-job learning.

The stories will be published on the BIRN’s flagship website Balkan Insight, and by prominent European, regional and international media outlets.

The call for the “Resonant Voices Fellowship” will last until January 17, 2019.

This fellowship programme is part of the EU funded project “Resonant Voices Initiative in the EU”. The Project is implemented by the Stichting Commission for International Justice and Accountability, Foundation Propulsion Fund and the Balkan Investigative Reporting Regional Network, BIRN Hub.

Fellowship Structure

The Resonant Voices Fellowship includes the following elements:

  • Fellowship bursary of 1000 to 4000 € per selected fellow or team;
  • A three-day workshop in Austria or Germany, with European and regional trainers in March 2019;
  • On-going on-the-job mentoring and support from BIRN’s editor and  visual communications mentor;
  • Publication of in-depth investigation on the BIRN’s flagship website Balkan Insight and in other prominent media outlets.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Individuals from the EU and Western Balkans countries;
  • Applicants should be proficient in English (speaking, reading and comprehension).

How to Apply

To apply, send the completed application form, Resume CV and signed declaration of the applicant to with the subject “Resonant Voices Fellowship” by January 17, 2019, 23:59.

All further information regarding the application process can be found in our application guidelines.

About the Resonant Voices Initiative in the EU project

The Resonant Voices Initiative in the EU pursues objectives closely linked to the nexus of the security, migration and preventing radicalisation leading to violent extremism agendas of the European Union. It aims to strengthen the influence of credible and resonant voices challenging extremist propaganda targeted at audiences vulnerable to radicalisation and recruitment within the Western Balkans diaspora in the EU. The vulnerability and resilience of this overlooked cohort is a crucial factor impacting, not only the security situation, but also community cohesion within the EU, democratic developments outside of the EU, and EU enlargement.