Mirza Buljubasic


Mirza Buljubasic is Assistant of Criminology at the Faculty of Criminal Justice, Criminology and Security Studies at the University of Sarajevo. He received his MA and BA in Criminology, MA in Criminal Law and MA in Security Studies (all with honours) at the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He worked as a research consultant, researcher and analyst at Transitional Justice, Reconciliation, and Remembrance, an organization documenting, profiling, and mapping war crimes, detention facilities, and camps in Bosnia and Herzegovina; researcher at Atlantic Initiative on reciprocal radicalization and women empowerment and radicalism. His scholarly work was published in Oxford University Press, International Criminal Law Review, Criminal Justice Issues and Criminal Justice Studies: A Critical Journal of Crime, Law and Society.

Topic: Radicalization of today‘s youth via the lenses of the past war experiences by highlighting transmission of the past war legacies from parents to children
Story: Next Generation: Enemies Inherited and the Bosnians Trying to Resist