RVI Fellows Recommend: Jeton Musliu


It was a great time, great experience and great feeling to be part of this fellowship, ten years later from BIRN fellowship, through Resonant Voices. On 2010 I was part of BIRN Fellowship for Journalism Excellence which was also great opportunity to explore and research taboo and strange topic. Being part of Resonant Voices was another satisfaction for me. Unfortunately the pandemic situation did not allow us to investigate more in order fulfilling all my plan but even though it was another experience in the whole this hard and strange situation. Sincerely, I hope that my work was on that level of the Resonant Voices expectations.
Without no doubt, I’ll be one of the voices for the Resonant Voice for the other participants.”

Jeton Musliu

You can read RVI Fellow Jeton’s story about affliction of Balkan immigrants and about their plan to repatriate in death here.

Jeton Musliu is a journalist currently working as a news editor at the public broadcaster, Radio Television of Kosovo, RTK. He previously worked as an editor at the daily Tribuna, as a journalist for BIRN in Kosovo and for the daily newspaper, Express. Throughout his career, he collaborated with various international media and won several national and international awards in investigative journalism.

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