RVI Fellows Recommend: Filip Balunovic


“Resonant Voices Fellowship offered me a unique experience of in-depth investigative journalist work. Apart from the very research and the writing process, I enjoyed the collaboration with Matt Robinson during the final editing process. Professionalism, financial and humane support – this is what I got from the fellowship. An in-depth, carefully and professionally written story about the topic you feel passionate and capable to write about – is the least the outcome could be. Considering all the support, this was, for me, indeed an enjoyable task.”

Filip Balunovic

You can read RVI Fellow Filip’s story about ‘Yugo-nostalgia’ being the life many tracing their roots to socialist Yugoslavia want to live now here.

Filip Balunovic is a PhD candidate at the Italian University, Scuola Normale Superiore, at the Department of Political Science and Sociology. His research interests include political economy, social movements, Marxism, political philosophy and political theory. He graduated from the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade and received two masters’ from the European Institute in Nice, France and the Universities of Sarajevo and Bologna. Balunovic is the executive editor of the Serbian edition of Le Monde Diplomatique and author of the book “Freedom Notebooks” (Mediteran, 2014) (Serbian “Beleske sa slobode”).

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