RVI Fellows Recommend: Ani Sandu


“For me, the RVI fellowship brought the last chance in this pandemic year to travel internationally and meet fellow professionals from other countries. If there’s something I’ve learned in this pandemic, it is how valuable getting together and sharing ideas. Journalistically, it gave me the time and resources to document an in-depth story, which is not a small thing. In tough times, I think these kind of stories can help people navigate through the problems they face and understand the world better.”

Ani Sandu

You can read RVI Fellow Ani’s story about how nationalist groups in Romania have used a Romanian woman’s child custody fight in Finland as evidence of the corrupted values of the West here.

Ani Sandu is a news anchor and editor at Europa FM, one of the most popular commercial radio stations in Romania. She is also a contributing reporter for the non-fiction quarterly, DoR. She previously worked for ten years at the Romanian Public Radio, as a news anchor and editor. From 2012 to 2014, she was the US correspondent for the country’s public radio, based in Washington DC. She has worked in the media since 2004, covering news and current affairs.

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