Alongside the compelling articles and research pieces developed by our Resonant Voices Initiative Fellows, our team produced a set of diagrams to better understand deeper connections and networks created around the main actors in these stories. Most of these diagrams are listed below.

Note: Click on the diagram to open it in full size in another tab.

Europe’s Far-Right Exploits COVID-19 for Anti-Refugee Propaganda

Story by Aggelos Andreou

Communion and the Coronavirus: COVID-19 Triggers Deep Orthodox Divisions

Story by Yiannis Baboulias

Croatia Key to Ukrainian Far-Right’s International Ambitions

Story by Michael Colborne

‘Deal with the Devil’: Austrian Serbs Embrace Anti-Migrant Right

Story by Aleksandar Roknic

Denmark’s Integration Experiment Reflects European U-turn

Story by Dimitar Ganev

For Serbia’s Hungarians, More Forints and a Tamed Media

Story by Ákos Keller-Alánt

In a Hungarian Corner of Slovenia, a Homegrown Orban

Story by Ákos Keller-Alánt

Living like in Hungary: Orban Bankrolling Romania ‘Ethnic Parallelism’

Story by Ákos Keller-Alánt

Next Generation: Enemies Inherited and the Bosnians Trying to Resist

Story by Mirza Buljubasic and Barbora Hola

Romanian Right Turns Finnish Custody Fight into Anti-Western Propaganda

Story by Ani Sandu