What is it about?

Women and Resilience is a community initiative to reach out to women whose husbands or relatives travelled to Syria to fight, and also those who themselves travelled. The project seeks to give them a voice to speak about their experiences and to raise awareness among other women, parents, and the community. Utilizing small focus groups, Women and Resilience has gathered first-hand information from women affected by violent extremism and radicalization. Understanding their unique experiences is vital to local de-radicalization efforts and to reducing stigma within the community. The project is aimed at women, enabling them to be rehabilitated and develop critical thinking skills and knowledge about how violent extremists recruit and instrumentalize women. Women and Resilience is currently working with three Kosovar women on a short video regarding their experiences with radicalization, violent extremism, and their reintegration into society. This video will be among the first of its kind, where women are able to tell their own stories, enabling a better understanding of the effects of violent extremism on women, their families, and their communities.

How it all started – Idea pitch

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