What is it about?

Portal Kultura aims to raise the awareness about the capacity of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina to make positive changes and create conditions for a healthier, more functional society. It is a space edited and designed by young creators where unpopular or largely ignored topics can be addressed in a manner that promotes critical thinking, freedom of thought and expression, and creativity. Portal Kultura empowers young people to talk about everything that inspires them, worries them, and angers them and enables them to express their visions for the kind of future they want. Portal Kultura promotes intercultural dialogue and creates a platform for the fight against hate speech and all forms of discrimination. The portal also seeks to promote examples of good practices, volunteerism, healthy human relations, aesthetics, art and freedom of creative expression.

How it all started – Idea pitch

    Portal Kultura


    Portal Kultura connects young bloggers and theatre enthusiasts who produce culture and arts focused content. The Portal’s tag line, which translates as “generational scream against the reality in which we are growing up”, is both the inspiration for the project’s name – KRIK (Scream) – and it also captures its philosophy and strategy - giving young people a space to express themselves as bloggers, writers, creators, and critics, encourage them to think independently, embrace alternative views and speak out against divisions and hate in their communities. The portal is run by a group of volunteers from Banja Luka.



  • Location

    Banja LukaBosnia and Herzegovina