What is it about?

Faketective is an online game designed to raise awareness about the potential dangers and consequences of sharing hoaxes, unchecked, fake and inflammatory online content, while making values and methods of fact-checking and content verification appealing and fun to use. Faketective teaches social media users how to look critically at the sources of content they share, including text, photos, and video. Faketective is a video game that puts the user in the role of a young journalist trying to get hired by a well-respected news organization. To get hired and win the game, the user must find ways to debunk fake news by using various online verification apps during a trial work day in a newsroom. The game aims to combat misinformation and propaganda and prevent sharing dangerous content on the Internet.

How it all started – Idea pitch

    Faketective is a brain child of four journalists from Sarajevo



  • Location

    SarajevoBosnia and Herzegovina


    BCS, English