Resonant Voices Initiative Fellows Selected

Twelve journalists, activists and researchers will spend the upcoming months exploring the many facets of radicalisation and violent extremism in the EU and neighbouring states to help chart a more secure and inclusive future. 

We are pleased to announce our very first group of Resonant Voices Fellows. Over the next six to nine months, Aggelos Andreou, Yiannis Baboulias, Mirza Buljubasic, Michael Colborne,  Dimitar Ganev, Barbora Hola, Akos Keller-Alant, Nenad Radicevic, Aleksandar Roknic, Ebi Spahiu, Katarina Tadic and Eleonora Vio will conduct research, collect stories and untangle the web of influences to expose and challenge extremist messaging targeting vulnerable audiences.

The selected Fellows will look at more than 15 different countries in the EU and its immediate neighbourhood and will cover a wide range of topics. The research will track the evolution of links, networks and cooperation between extremist groups across borders, investigate disinformation campaigns run by governments and extremist groups and their effects on polarisation and radicalisation, analyse narratives of victimisation and injustice among Western Balkans diaspora communities and examine inter-generational transmission of war legacies.

The Resonant Voices Fellows will shed light on extremist messaging and evolving transnational radicalising influences eroding the fabric of our society and undermining our values. Their work will also contribute to vital communication strategies and targeted outreach as a means to combat these threats.

Learn more about the Resonant Voices Initiative and follow the work of RVI Fellows.