Call for Submissions: Opinions on the State of Democracy in Europe’s Former Communist Bloc


The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 was one of the most significant moments in history that marked Europe’s pivot toward unification and its hopes for greater freedoms. 

Thirty years later, populism and radical nationalism are on the rise throughout Europe. Illiberal policies and rhetoric fueled by hatred erode the hopes for progress that were once embodied by the fallen Berlin Wall. 

To mark 30 years since the Berlin Wall’s collapse we are launching a survey on the state of democracy in Europe’s former communist bloc. 

We are looking for people who were born in 1989 and live in the following countries in Central and Southeastern Europe: Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania and the former Yugoslav states.

If you fit this description, we want to hear your views and opinions on how democracy looks in your country today and whether you think it is improving or collapsing.

Participants will be selected to be featured in a video series published on BIRN’s online media. The interviews will take place on-camera with one of our journalists between October 15-22. 

To have your views heard fill out this form by October 10, 2019.