No Hate Speech

No Hate Speech stands up for equality, dignity, human rights and diversity and will reduce messages that extreme groups are using through social platforms by creating groups that are involved in development and spreading of tolerance in order to have better performance on acting and intervening against language of hate, extremism and terrorist propaganda. Online platforms will be supported by in-person engagement to supports alternative dialogue, deconstructing extremist ideologies.
No Hate Speech will cooperate with the Presevo Youth Office and other creative youth aged 17- 27 in Presevo and Bujanovac such as artists who will paint murals in the most exposed part of Presevo, which will contribute to a short film production. This will increase attention on the issue, which later will be transformed into a powerful campaign on social platforms like Facebook, YouTube channel, Instagram and Twitter.
Preselected for our campaign are most influential youth leaders from the NGO sector, religious communities and cultural institutions with support of a technical team.