Hackathon Ideas

Anti-radical program for youth protection in multhietnic settlements in the north of Kosovo

Community Initiative

Human Center Mitrovica by undertaking proposed action aims at reducing radical elements in behavior of the peers of different ethnicities living in divided towns:

  1. To discover and work on the elimination of the causes of radical behavior through open discussions and multiethnic event such as joint trips of peers of different ethnicities, joint workshops and creative work.
  2. To expand the threshold of tolerance by bringing together different ethnic communities using the best examples of good practice in the region.
  3. To record the most radical behaviors and to search for the best solution through focus groups and in depth interviews.

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KRIK je projekat kojim želimo podići svijest BiH društva o ulozi mladih u procesima stvaranja uslova za kreiranje zdravijeg društva u BiH. Mladim, neafirmisanim umjetnicima, talentima i aktivistima koji su posvećeni svome radu, ali koji imaju svijest o tome da svojim radom doprinose procesima pomirenja i slobodi izražavanja, obezbjedili smo medijski prostor. Portal teži da ojača vidljivost malih aktera u medijskom i životnom prostoru. Teme koje su zastupljene na profilu su ustanovljne pravilima portala i našim ubjeđenjima a omeđena sa željom za  poštovanjem različitosti drugih, tolerancijom, promovisanjem prevazilaženja konflikata, izgradnjom istinskog mira i povjerenja, poštovanjem jednakih prava za sve.

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Ordinary Heroes


PCRC’s Ordinary Heroes Program exposes young people in BiH (and across the region) to stories of interethnic rescue during the 92-95 Bosnian war. The program consists of four short documentaries, each of which recounts a different story of inter-ethnic rescue, a photo exhibition about inter-ethnic rescue, and an interactive educational curriculum. Stories of interethnic rescue counter divisive nationalist narratives being passed to young people across BiH. The digital component of the project will be a targeted Facebook campaign to complement the project. We will create easily digestible, social-media friendly cuts of our ‘Ordinary Heroes’ content and then disseminate said content via Facebook targeting to youth at risk of radicalization across BiH. We will work with our extensive group of grassroots youth activists and organizational partners across BiH to best inform our targeting.

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No Hate Speech

Campaign - Portal

No Hate Speech stands up for equality, dignity, human rights and diversity and will reduce messages that extreme groups are using through social platforms by creating groups that are involved in development and spreading of tolerance in order to have better performance on acting and intervening against language of hate, extremism and terrorist propaganda. Online platforms will be supported by in-person engagement to supports alternative dialogue, deconstructing extremist ideologies.
No Hate Speech will cooperate with the Presevo Youth Office and other creative youth aged 17- 27 in Presevo and Bujanovac such as artists who will paint murals in the most exposed part of Presevo, which will contribute to a short film production. This will increase attention on the issue, which later will be transformed into a powerful campaign on social platforms like Facebook, YouTube channel, Instagram and Twitter.
Preselected for our campaign are most influential youth leaders from the NGO sector, religious communities and cultural institutions with support of a technical team.

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Factbook will create stabilized verbs, phrases and jargon aimed at reversing hate speech development particularly in young people’s vocabulary. The Factbook idea is to create printed newspapers combined with a website for a broader audience, distributed free of charge. Target group are all people, but mainly targeting youth aged 14-25. Execution of the idea is supported by members of NGO Odisej, experienced in publishing online and print content designed for education of young people.

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Stand Against Violent Extremism/SAVE

Community Initiative

The project will empower youth to become fighters of the CVE cause. Our target audience is high-school students from different ethnic and religious backgrounds living in Albania. While those involved in joint initiatives, we will create a suitable platform for youth to assist each other on identifying, hindering and eliminating factors that can make them potential victims of the recruitment phenomenon by religous extremists. This will be developed through a series of initiatives such as awareness raising campaigns, youth education on the issue and recruitment methods used and institutions available to support young people in resisting.

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Jasmine Project


Jasmine Project will fight online radical and extremist propaganda. Through written material and translations, there will be an opportunity to share opinions, analyses, ideas and columns. While people with education understand the basic concepts of extremism, terrorism, war, national defense, security and peace in an academic senses, not everyone can understand these terms, and the concepts they represent. Jasmine Project will focus on describing these topics through video messages where young people, of different religions, will transmit the spirit of tolerance, peace, against hate speech, and above all the prevalence of extremist propaganda will be fought.

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Meet the True Nature of Novi Pazar


Sanjak, especially Novi Pazar is marginalised in all domains by the Serbian State apparatus. While not the case, Novi Pazar is presented by the media as a town full of hooligans, islamic extremists and people with prejudices. That is very far from the truth and we feel obligated to show them how things really are. Novi Pazar is a multicultural town and with a young and open minded populus. To express this, we will create a short film which will present the true nature of Novi Pazar through the people and their lifestyles.

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JDAVE – Joint Dialogue against Violent Extremism


The JDAVE project will develop a narrative and dialogue with 60 young Muslims from the capital of Macedonia on the topic of manipulation and misrepresentation of Islam. It will address an issue never raised before in Macedonia, by creating a safe space, a hub for young, moderate Muslims, where they can discuss violent extremism and efforts to counter and prevent VE related issues without any stigma or judgement. As such, we aim to build a counter narrative and fight the phenomenon of violent extremism through a combination of online and offline instruments and mechanisms.

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Our media campaign will increase awareness and combat the use of various forms of hate speech and extremist ideologies in the online media and social networks. We will shed light on how these ideas find their way into and are spread via public discourse, instead offering alternative narratives through a series of professional and investigative articles, which will be published in the online, print media and NGO websites in Macedonian and Albanian languages with whom we have longstanding cooperation. In addition to this series of articles, we will also develop independently branded on-line content (posts, tweet, short videos, gifs, etc) to reach both younger audiences (18-24), and more mature audiences (25-44), since our research shows that hate speech is used equally often by both. This media campaign is supported by the Metamorphosis Foundation team, which includes experienced journalists and editors, online media experts and citizen activists.

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Bullying is not a good idea

Community Initiative

The project will raise awareness on preventing bullying in school through trainings and labs during the winter school semested, involving 20 students in the 9th year of school in Tirana. The initiative will use online tools to raise awareness, informing young people on the topic of bullying through Facebook, instagram, and YouTube videos on the impacts of bullying, designed by young people for young people, where young people will express ideas, imagination, and thoughtz or perceptionz of bullying. Young people will be better informed and more sensitive to bullying in their school by helping their friends who are victims of bullying

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Countering violent extremism through positive narrative in youtube and social networks


The absorption of radical/extremist ideology of young people by watching online videos of lectures by religious lecturers, is creating the belief and way of thinking based on these rigid interpretations presented in lectures without encouraging individual critical thinking.
Countering violent extremism through positive narratives in youtube and social networks will tackle these lectures by creating YouTube and social media videos with alternative positive narratives.
This solution targets the youngsters of Kosovo, including religious practitioners, since they have been influenced by extremist interpretations, particularly for people living in cities where extremism is more pronounced, but also among the diaspora.

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Story2Tell will counter extremist propaganda and provide counter narratives through stories and messages of former FTF, their families and friends, delivering information about the process of extremist radicalization and recruitment, personal experience, temptation and vulnerability to radical ideas. This solution, using the advantages of social media and mainly focused on youth aged 14-30 among all ethnic communities in the Western Balkans, initiates critical thinking, awareness of the radicalization process and extremist propaganda, making them resilient to radicalization and violent extremism. It also serves as an education and awareness raising tool for the broader community. Story2Tell is supported by a team of IT, CT &CVE and CSOs experts.

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An online game titled ‘Fact Checker’ will put you in the role of a young journalist trying to get a job contract in a well-respected news organization. To win it, you need to find ways to debunk fake news by using various online verification apps during your trial work day in a newsroom.

Designed by a team of four journalists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the game aims to combat misinformation and propaganda and prevent sharing dangerous content on the Internet by engaging online news consumers from BCS speaking countries of the Western Balkans with an easy and entertaining tool.

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Uspostavljanje monitoring i donośenje boljih zakon za naćin upotrebe socijalnih mreža od strane nadleźne institucije dotićne drźave. Korak napred za sprećavanje i śirenje govor mržnje, radikalizaciju, extremizam i terorizam.

Community Initiative

Uključivanje verskih institucija, civilnog društva, državnih tela i drugih relevantnih institucija radi postizanja konsenzusa o sprečavanju govora mržnje.

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InterFaith Dialogue – What Youth Believe

Community Initiative

Project What Youth Believe will target young people in the Balkans to disseminate general concepts of religious harmony contributing to a healthy society, ways to maintain a balance between personal and differing beliefs and conflict resolution skills, while encouraging self-reflection. The project will culminate with a live theater play to present the main issues concerning interfaith dialogue.

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Albanian CVE Web Portal

Campaign, Portal

Albanian Muslim Intellectual Forum will develop an Albanian CVE Web Portal and virtual library collection, an online resources hub of current literature and analysis on countering violent extremism (CVE), to contribute for more effective civil society response to online/offline hate speech, radicalist and violent extremism discourse through sharing and disseminating best practices, providing a dedicated platform to facilitate focused discussion and collaboration among national and local actors, civil society, researchers and community leaders involved in CVE.
The portal will include open source material such as news, op-eds, resource library, and a calendar of events

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Humans of the Balkans


Humans of the Balkans is an online platform that will connect people from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, by showcasing their stories in text, photo and video format. It will give them the opportunity to discover similar origins, opinions, ideas, thoughts and life experiences. The project is supported by a team from NGO Teach Me from Serbia, which includes bloggers, photographers, video producers and IT experts, and are looking for more people from other Balkan countries to join us in collecting stories and developing this solution.

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Independent Military News Website (covering Serbia/SE Europe)


Serbian citizens, as well as the citizens of other Balkan countries, are deprived of independent and professional news about most topics concerning defense, armed forces, regional and world power balance and even geopolitics. Reasons lie in the traditional approach of all media outlets to write only good news about the army and to exaggerate military strength. In Serbia this is also used to boost government position, avoiding any healthy discussion about the armed forces. This is promoting the false assumption that army is ready and can win regional conflicts, while painting the picture of also unrealistically good position of Serbia concerning commitment of its possible allies. An independent military news website could do much to help promote the real needs of the army and its personnel, help educate readers in contemporary military issues and help them make more informed decisions.

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