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06 Jul
Young bloggers from Banja Luka create alternative narratives as a “generational scream against the reality in which we are being raised”. Stefania Koskova / No Comments

Young people are underrepresented in mainstream media in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The media scene is divided largely along ethno-national lines and can often serve to raise tensions or incite negative feelings. KRIK, a project by the Banja Luka-based Portal Kultura website, aims to change that. It is a youth-run blogging platform that promotes critical and […]

06 Jul
‘Hey bro, can you follow me on Instagram?’ Connecting future Christian Orthodox and Muslim leaders in Macedonia. Stefania Koskova / No Comments

Skopje’s capital Macedonia is in many ways a divided city, split between its two dominant ethnic groups: Macedonians, who are Slavs, and ethnic Albanians, many of whom are Muslim. The high schools educating the country’s future religious leaders — Christian Orthodox and Muslim — rarely, if ever, interact one another. The geographical landscape of Skopje […]



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