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14 May
A website with a mission: equipping Albanian-speaking community activists with information and inspiration they need to combat violent extremism Stefania Koskova / No Comments

In 2014, as news broke that Albanians had joined with the rebels opposing Syrian president Bashar al Assad, and later the force that became known as the Islamic State, Indrit Abdiaj began searching for information. “I noticed that there was a lack of information in the Albanian language – which resulted in only a small […]

10 May
In Sarajevo, this campaign is redefining what it means to be a hero – one story at a time Stefania Koskova / No Comments

In Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), many towns and cities remain ethnically segregated and schools teach vastly different narratives about Bosnia’s 1992-95 war. Mainstream media in BiH is highly polarized along ethnic and political lines and often serves to exacerbate already existing ethnic divisions. Youth, in particular, are saturated with polarizing and provocative messages and are […]


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